As a Christian Congregation, we believe:

  • That the Bible is Godís Word and therefore the only sure guide to eternal life in Heaven.

  • That we are sinners and need Godís grace for forgiveness of our sins.

  • That there is salvation from all of our sins in Jesus Christ, Godís Son, who gave Himself for our salvation on the Cross of Calvary.

  • That we shall receive eternal life as a result of Godís forgiveness through Christ.

  • In God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and are resolved to suffer all things, even death, rather than fall away from the Triune God.

As an expression of our love for God, we strive to:

  • Seek Godís plan through a daily period of Bible reading and prayer.

  • Worship weekly in the church and receive Holy Communion.

  • Participate in group Bible study and fellowship of prayer.

  • Give regularly a definite, grateful share of our income for the spread of the kingdom through the church in the world.

  • Strive for purity in the Church by avoiding false doctrine and ungodly living.

 As an expression of love for our neighbor, we strive to:

  • Pray daily for others with thanksgiving. Exercise faithfully our particular ministry in the fellowship of the church.

  • Witness by word and deed in the world to the love of God in Christ as we have come to know it.

  • Practice moderation in all things, watchful in our manner of life, to guard against bringing dishonor upon the Savior and His Church.