Trinity Lutheran Church

410 Taylor Street

Delta, OH  43515

Phone:  (419) 822-4579

Email: tlcoffice@trinity-delta.com



Summer Worship Hours:


Sunday Fellowship Time - 8:30 am

Sunday Service - 9:15 am

Wednesday Service - 6:30 pm (Bring your Bible)



Office Hours

9 am to noon on Monday through Friday



Meet & Greet - August 24. 2019

with candidate for pastor and family

Pastor Matthew Voyer, wife Heather, and son Toby

August 24:  6 - 8 pm -- Church Fellowship Hall

August 25 - After church:

Special Congregational Meeting to Vote

    The VBS 2019 Slideshow may be viewed at:


(You may have to Copy and Paste this link)

There is also a link on the Trinity Delta Facebook page.


Confirmation - May 19, 2019

Pastor Dennis King, Jerremiah Wolford, Gabbie Hite, and SAM Jeannine Grimm



Spiritual Gifts

We are all gifted for discipleship.  Follow this link to a spiritual gifts assessment that will help you identify your particular gift to use as, together, the people of TLC share the Good News of a risen Jesus:

Spiritual Gifts Assessment Tool


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