The ELCA's "Make It Simple" series is about simplicity and generosity as we financially support God's mission in our midst.  If you missed any of the videos, or if you would like to watch additional videos from the Make it Simple series, just follow this link:


When you get to this page, if you choose "Videos" at the top of the page, it will take you to the page that lists all 9 videos in the column on the left. 


Choose from titles such as:  More Than Enough, Simply Being Alive, What's Enough, A Way of Life, Step Out in Faith, Farm Life Is (Not) Simple, Involuntary Simplicity, The Ten Percent Thing, and Daddy, Will You Catch Me?  Depending on your computer and your internet connection, you can choose to Play the Small Video or Play the Large Video.


The videos are interesting, entertaining, and meaningful and are well worth the time it takes to watch them.